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this is what Dad taught me
as the birds and the bees
when i was 10 years old
that had become "lost" that same year of 1976
paradise ( lost know longer )

Click on this section of text
to visit Pr. Tad Galin Sr., D.D. autobiographical website:
Tad provided all the content with his life story
and real pictures, many he owns. and self-drawn artwork,
I ( Dale Neumann, Del Neu, owner of this website _ ) am the designer
for the self created proprietary "hand designed" software programming of Pastor Galins website
that was accomplished over about a three year period
that started the day I met Tad at the local city voting booth,
at which time, i took over a much simpler initial hosted design
that existed prior to my arrival on the scene
and with Tads content,
we turned a starter site
into the robust website
that represents
as an electronic record of True History from a Living Veteran of War now available online,
for every man, woman, and child to know how precious and priceless it is
to enjoy freedom like we have in These United States of America
or any country in The Free World, for that matter !