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"I Know Knot This Man"
The Last Time I Saw Craig Johnson
who was Prince of United Emrates
We made up after a fight like this ..
He asked me why a said something
about his mother .. i said,
i was not going to say Anything at all
about your mother but because
you said lots of things about MY mother
over and over i TRIED NOT
to get mad BUT i did get mad .
i said I AM SORRY
and we agreed NEVER to say
those things Ever Again
HE presented his hand
i said " What is this ? "
and He said with a smile
( that pic I WILL NEVER FORGET )
He Said " Let us Shake hands on it
and be best friends forever
so I shook hands with him
and we Never Fought Again .
that was grade school
.. years later my mom says
to me one afternoon
Do you remember Craig Johnson ?
she hands me the newspaper ..
His B/W picture is in the obituary section
he had committed suicide
I wondered if the future
would have been different
if i had just kept in touch with him ...

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