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Puredel strives for a mission of truth
safety education integrity and securing
a bright future for all .
Remembering We as a nation
are the Lucky Ones .
And I know having a wife and stepson
that before 2018 it was not even a dream
but the new reality feels just like that .
My Love To Them and my Dad who
is alive and well Thank God .
Not all Holidays go well for everyone ..
but if you can endure .. be assured
Someone is certainly in search
of helping you as much as you
are in search of help and visa versa .
Time has different speeds
for different events
.. one bad second can feel like
an eternity . another day a good year
can pass in the blink of an eye
as sure as there is a planet .. an ocean
and people around you .. there is Hope ..
as undefineable as Love .
We are all equipped with the same
Equipment . some we get in the beginning
some we earn . some we think we steal ..
but all things are Given in Due Time .
Dont Rush too fast to reach
a goal that you think ? is only YOUR
doing when more often than not
at Least One Other known or Unknown
has actually helped you too .
We share so much as members of the Earth
.. thats why the urge to share
for the most part is Essential
to our Satisfaction .
Mick Jagger would agree
and so do i .
Bringing you satisfying playback
on Puredel is something
that comes satisfying
a need to hear music properly
and i gladly share this project
that took 28 years and continues
to satisfy my passion for music
and to Set Things Better than they Were .
improved health knowledge integrity
compassion comfort etc
cannot happen without
sharing each ones talents
to make a greater earthly " heaven " .
do not Always wait for " the other "
to improve " your situation . "
God forbid you are the vast helpless .
If you Know You Are .. I Bid Mercy on
your predicament .
For the Rest Of US .. hope you
get enough rest this Holiday .
Many of Us Know .. this path has No End
yet No Time to lay around
too long on our backs
when We Know
or something
Needs to be Carried .
So " Carry On " ~ Kansas Leftoverture
my first purchased vinyl LP .
Even if i bought it myself ..
i have learned to understand
Everything is a gift .
not all gifts are what we expect
some are certainly Challenges .
Shuttle Challenger Failed ?
other things fail .
but only for A While .
A loop can be used
to wait
to sew
to exercise ( hoop )
to get to another place ( wheels )
to orbit an earth
a sun
a galaxy
of a universe ?
even the tiniest particles ( atoms )
and some loops
are only loops
waiting to end .
end " for good "
providing for good days
good nights
good health
good environment
good sleep
good dreams .
The next time you have a Good Dream ..
Consider this .
You may be the only " designated hitter "
assigned to the project
whether someone asks you
tells you
or does not .
.. or even know
like dance ..
Basic Steps First
Keep The Big Boat .. Afloat .
but remembering
theres Joy
in the sidesteps
of Inspiration
and even more joy in seeing
becomes Real Reality Really
We all have " good powers " .
Please do not forget
to Choose
to turn them
from Potential
to Kinetic .
We Use .
Let Us All Do Something Everyday
to make up the difference .
to Make A Difference
to put a smile on our own face
While putting smiles on Everyone
around us .
Thats the message of
not just the " season "
and The Magic
We all need ..
to make things Better ..
a little or a lot ..
All Make A Difference .

Wishing You Happiness

Owner Puredel .
Without my wife
and the rest of my family
i would not exist .

Love Her Dearly
and all .
" .. meow !!! "
oh yeah and our cat too .
in fact ..
Wishing The Best
To All Great And Small

side effects of entertainment is we make good programs with subtle sins that some of them augment into bad things Really happening . yes its better to show it most of the time than to bottle it but to those who do not fully understand what is meant to be said .. the longer a message continues to go miss interpreted the consequences can become more tragic than just entertaining as seen in the movie you do not want to live it so this is why we all created parental controls .. also known as .. Big Brother . now you know why "1984" is a movie . pills fix some problems but have sideeffects . if not taking your pill causes bigger real " sideffects " than simply Not taking it at all .. then you gladly take your pill . replace " pill " with " x " where " x " can be almost anything Merry After Chistmas ~ puredel todo .. add br to newline

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Real Playback Speed Equation

LivePerformanceStudioSpeed =
* 0.90
* 0.91875
* ( 0.972^n )

.. where 0.90 = 39690 Hz / 44100 Hz
.. and 0.91875 = 44100 Hz / 48000 Hz
.. and n = variable positive integer
that depends upon
the Audio CD time compression
used to fit more audio content
as a power of the base
.. of 0.972 = lowering the pitch
by 50 cents
( joint with tempo )
which represents ..
one half of one semitone
of the even tempered scale
which rounds up
to exactly 97.2 percent .

( Do NOT use Any more significant digits
such as was tested .. 0.971531941154 ..
will leave the end rate as too slow )

of THIS ABOVE playback conversion
back to Real Speed
We KNOW the Real Antidote .

.. As Of Today 2024/06/14

" We The People "
.. should be filing ..
a Multi Trillion Dollar
law suit ?
against Media Networks ??
in the United States and the World
Massive ( Subtley Unnoticed ? )
Noise Pollution
in the form of Mild ?
Global Sonic Earritation
affecting Everyone on the planet
Mental Health and Physical Wellness
at the PROPER Playback Rate
that In All HONESTY and PURITY
that of a LIVE REALTIME ..
Performance rate ( Calibrated )
Instead the audio has ALWAYS
been played at a FASTER
than CORRECT True Reality rate
Now take all that lawsuit money we win ..
AND FUND people to
O N   T H I S   G L O B E

.. like i am fixing it
here on PureDel.com

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this is what Dad taught me
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when i was 10 years old
that had become "lost" that same year of 1976
paradise ( lost know longer )

I can provide Professional Services with Computers and
Wellness solutions and their Maintenance ..
Audio CD publishing, sound/acoustics projects,
Computer instruction, Music instruction, Piano and Guitar Lessons
Instrument Intonation and Tuning.

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and real pictures, many he owns. and self-drawn artwork,
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for the self created proprietary "hand designed" software programming of Pastor Galins website
that was accomplished over about a three year period
that started the day I met Tad at the local city voting booth,
at which time, i took over a much simpler initial hosted design
that existed prior to my arrival on the scene
and with Tads content,
we turned a starter site
into the robust website
that MyLifeUnderHitlerAndStalin.com represents
as an electronic record of True History from a Living Veteran of War now available online,
for every man, woman, and child to know how precious and priceless it is
to enjoy freedom like we have in These United States of America
or any country in The Free World, for that matter !

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Recorded Live: 20150905 at 1221 PM ( Part 1 )

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are themselves the problem
Recorded Live: 20151108 at 157 PM ( Part 2 )

Stop Music Impurities in your town !

Get this "box" for your home or business
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that pipes out what is usually your "typical"
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Browse to the Real Pure Music on PureDel.com
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On PureDel.com, Music And Writings, Other Artists, Under Cover
You can find many of your favorite artists music
represented with the clarity and purity
that you and the artists deserve to share.
Requests for any artists not found on our website
can be suggested through commenting sent to our registration page.
If you happen to be a business,
please be sure you have rights to play
commercial music at your location
such as an affiliation
with say ASCAP or BMI, etc.
With dual hardware setup to flip flop
cued music from live playing music,
it is possible to have DeeJay cueing and playback
of individual songs from each album
with a trained staffed D.J. on hand.

This is how to record good clean, noise free,
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~~~~~ A REALITY ! ~~~~~

First Time Visiting Us ?

Set Aside about 2 hours of time to listen
to this audio track
to understand how Del
operates in creating websites.
Here Del recorded an impromptu
phone interview
with the war hero buddy
that Del met one day
at a voting booth.
The veteran needed a website
and I had arrived there by Gods Will
to carry on Tads will.
To briefly explain The History.
Pastor Tad Galin
( Tadeusz Przegalinski ),
( Doctorate of Divinity )
is interviewed
by Del Neu
( Dale Neumann ).
Pastor Galin
is a World War II Veteran,
85 years of age
at the time of this quality recording
stopping for a "moment" to tell
just a "smidgin" of His Life Story
while taking time
to Thank Del and his family
for making His Dream of getting
His Story to the Rest Of The World
~~~~~ A REALITY ! ~~~~~

Recorded Live:
after 1 AM
( Eastern Time )
That "Early Morning"
Just click the below church picture to listen..

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