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This sermon is from a phone interview
with the war hero and Pastor Tad Galin Sr. D.D.
who met Del one day
at a voting booth.
The veteran needed a website
and Del had arrived there by Gods Will
to carry on Tads will.
To briefly explain The History.
Pastor Tad Galin
( Tadeusz Przegalinski ),
( Doctorate of Divinity )
is interviewed
by Del Neu
( Dale Neumann ).
Pastor Galin
is a World War II Veteran,
85 years of age
at the time of this quality recording
stopping for a "moment" to tell Us All
including Del and his wife Lynn who passed away June 9, 2017 12:16a how We All Have Gods Powers and how he, Tad, has been making His Dream of getting
His Story to the Rest Of The World

Recorded Live:
after 1 AM
( Eastern Time )
That "Early Morning"
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